dinsdag 13 maart 2012

Teaser Tuesday - Pride & Popularity


Deze week is het een teaser uit Pride & Popularity van Jenni James.

"Hey, Chloe!" Carson called as he walked up to me. I was talking to his brother about the run we had finished where Ethan had just soundly beaten the other four-wheel-drive vehicles. Ethan and I were both kneeling on the dirt, comparing his tire treads. "I've got someone who wants to be introduced to you," Carson said to me. He turned and yelled toward a group of guys, "Yo, Blake!"


He looks so good! I forgot how hot he is, even without shoes. I'm going to melt right here, I thought. Except I couldn't do anything. Speechless and completely paralyzed, I was sure I couldn't have looked like a bigger freak if I tried.

See you later xx

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