dinsdag 24 juli 2012

Teaser Tuesday - The Iron Queen


Deze week ben ik The Iron Queen van Julie Kagawa aan het lezen dus hier is mijn teaser.

Leanansidhe pursed her lips. “You two are pressing the boundaries of my patience.” She drummed her nails on the armset and sighed. "Oh, very well, darlings. I have a quint little hideaway that you can lend for the time being. It's out in the middle of nowhere and fairly safe - I've got a few locals trows keeping an eye on it. Will that be good enough for you, dove?" 

Between the knights, almost hidden in the tall grass, a potato-faced gnome stepped forward and bent forward at the waist. "Meghan Chase", he greeted in a suprisingly deep voice, stiff and formal like a butler. "Your father, Lord Oberon, sends his greetings."
I felt a flicker of annoyance. Oberon had no right to claim me as his daughter. Not after disowning me in front of the entire freaking court. Crossing my arms, I glared down at the gnome. "You wanted to see me. Here I am. What does Oberon want now?" 

See you later xx

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